Cleanroom Curtains

Abtech Cleanroom CurtainsĀ are the preferred way to keep sensitive Softwall Cleanroom work areas free of contaminants. They are comprised of a variety of differ-ent materials and attachment methods depending on the specific project requirements. With the best installation system available, Abtech Cleanroom Curtains add versa-tility, convenience and a high-tech appearance to a product line already combining strength, durability and affordability, making it the choice of industry professionals.

The innovations and improvements on this design makes installation and replacement easier than ever. Once the mounting channel is anchored to either ceiling or wall, no further nuts or bolts are necessary. The extruded vinyl hook on top of each curtain is secured to the mounting channel by the matching facia plate.


Abtech Softwall Panels are solid, yet flexible vinyl curtains that function as walls or room dividers in a cleanroom environment. These curtains are made from a variety of materials ranging from 12 mil. to 80 mil. depending upon the requirement of the application. Smaller softwalls, sometimes referred to as Air Flow Shields, are commonly used to insure laminar flow over sensitive work areas which do not require personal accessibility. Softwall panels and Air Flow Shields are typically made of 40 mil. vinyl with non-weighted bottoms, or 20 mil. vinyl with weighted bottoms.

Softwall Panels can be attached by one of four systems: Dual-Lock, Vinyl Welt, Nut & Bolt, or Sliding Track.


Any material that reduces electrostatic discharge can be referred to as Antistatic, but the quality of performance of these so-called Anti-Static curtains can vary greatly. At Abtech, we only use materials that have been tested ESD Safe. We do not use topically treated antistatic materials that can wear away.

Along with our line of ESD Safe materials, we also offer materials that meet or exceed the flame spread requirements of UBC Class 1 and NFPA Class A. Non-outgassing materials can also be provided.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Strip Shields are a unique product made by attaching 40 or 60 mil. strips ranging from 4" to 24" wide to a continuous piece of Dual-Lock. This one panel’ design produces a pre-assembled strip curtain that is extremely easy to install.

Strip Shields are ideal for areas where there is a need for personnel accessibility. They make excellent entry ways for Softwall Cleanrooms, and they can be used to divide areas within the Softwall Cleanroom’s interior areas


Strip Curtains are made of heavy duty individual 8" wide, 80 mil. strips available in a variety of colors and formats. They are used in applications where there is a great deal person- nel and/or light cart traffic in and out of a particular area. 80 mil. Strip Curtains made of lighter materials. Softwall Panels can be attached by one of four systems: Dual-Lock, Vinyl Welt, Nut & Bolt, or Sliding Track.


Sliding Track Curtains are made for applications that require movable curtains. The curtain assembly consists of hangers suspended from trolleys which roll inside a special anodized aluminum C-channel. Hangers then hook through grommets located at the top of the curtain. As with all Abtech Curtains, these are available in a wide variety of colors. Anti-Static, ESD Safe, Conductive, and Non-Outgassing are also available.


Accordion Style Curtains are the newest way to effectively enclose or partition any area within your work environment. The sliding track hardware assembly allows the curtain to move easily into place when needed. When not in use, the curtain requires very minimal storage space due to its unique folding panels. Valance Curtains are available for both accordion style and standard sliding track curtains to help provide light safe environments when necessary.
  • Our cleanroom curtain product line offers a variety of styles to meet any kind of specification that you have a need for, including:
    • Softwall Panels
    • Strip Curtains
    • Sliding Track CurtainsĀ 
    • Accordion Style Curtains. Cleanroom curtain material options include: Standard, Low-Stat, ESD Safe, Conductive, Non-Outgassing, U.V. Safe or Frosted.
  • Please call us at Abtech, Inc. with any further questions about our Cleanroom Curtain lines.