Forkliftable Prefabricated Buildings

The Standard Prefabricated Building System consists of a Welded Tubular and Structural Steel Frame with a Panelized Wall and Roof System. The Floor is Structural Grade Plywood with Vinyl Composition Tile. A complete Electrical system is provided and includes Lights, Duplex Outlets, Switches, Sub Panel, Breakers, Conduits and Wiring. HVAC package is mounted in a Pre-framed Panel and supplies Cooling, Heating and Fresh Air.

All building components are prefabricated and completely Modular in design. Prefabricated Buildings can be designed for Interior or Exterior use.

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4'0" x 4'0"

4'0" x 6'0"
4'0" x 8'0"
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6'0" x 10'0"
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PR3-888 8'0" x 8'0"
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8'0" x 12'0"
8'0" x 14'0"
8'0" x 16'0"
8'0" x 18'0"
8'0" x 20'0"

The prefabricated building wall and ceiling panels are nominal 3-inch thick with standard sizes from four feet wide by eight feet tall to four feet wide by ten feet tall. Custom heights over ten feet are also available. Panel building construction varies over a wide range. Standard Metal wall panels will have either Embossed 24 ga. prepainted steel or .019 prepainted aluminum skins laminated to 1/8" tempered hardboard both sides of honeycomb or expanded polystyrene foam core. Many more custom panel configurations are available.

Posts are to be of four-piece design to form a non-progressive wall system. Cavity of posts will allow use of approved steel electrical boxes that are now required by building codes .Prefabricated building posts shall also act as raceways for phone lines, data lines, and other electrical lines. The structural elements of the posts shall be connected by machine bolts and nuts no more than 18" center line.All extrusions shall be 6063-T5 aluminum, minimum .062 thickness, with a clear anodized finish.

Corner posts will be 3" x 3" Steel Tube welded to Structural Steel Channel base frame.

Base channel provides support for wall panels and posts while allowing space for anchors or post uplift connectors. Its low profile design is aesthetically pleasing and eliminates the need for additional base molding. Materials for prefabricated building shall be 6063-T5 aluminum, minimum .062 thick, and clear anodized finish.

Capping channel acts as a support for vertical deck loads in addition to serving as a continuous diaphragm member. Material is 6063-T5 aluminum, minimum .062 thickness, and clear anodized finish.

Doors will be 1 3/4" thick and standard 42" wide by 80" tall to accommodate equipment or furniture. Door material will match wall panels and be framed in an aluminum channel for heavy traffic areas. Door jamb is a heavy duty extrusion. All doors are factory prehung with hinges and door lockset. Windows are 2 'x 2' with 1/4" tempered safety glass. Extrusions are 6063-T5 aluminum, minimum .062 thickness, with clear anodized finish.

Standard fixed windows are 44" wide by 40" tall with 3/16" tempered safety glass installed in aluminum frame. Window units are completely modular. Horizontal sliding and pass thru windows can also be provided. Frames are 6063-T5 aluminum, .062 minimum thickness, with clear anodized finish.

Standard Steel faced, foam core, flat metal panels. Optional Gable Roof Panels with 3 in 12 pitch, panels are Steel faced with foam core.

Optional heavy duty white enameled steel T-BAR hung from roof by 12 ga. galvanized ceiling wire and self tapping sheet metal screws. Ceiling tiles are 2' x 4', 5/8" thick, Mineralboard. Additional R-19 insulation is optional.

Surface Mount Fluorescent light fixtures are 2' X 4', 4-TUBE, 120v, less tubes. Duplex outlets and light switches, 120v, with approved electrical box and post prep. Sub panel and breakers.

Standard 1 1/8” thick Plywood with 12” x 12” x 1/8” vinyl floor tile. Optional Steel or Aluminum Diamond Plate.

Thru wall systems or central air systems are available. Consult factory for design assistance. Specifications are subject to change without notice.