Cleanroom Lighting Fixtures

Abtech offers a full line of our Cleanroom Lighting Fixtures to serve as your one-stop source for Cleanroom Lighting Components. These Fixtures are available from Class 100,000-Class 10, ranging in a variety of styles and applications to choose from. The Lighting Fixtures featured in this media represent the best in industry lighting standards.

Call Factory Direct for prices and information on your standard and custom Lighting specifications.


  • 2' x 4' sealed, painted white, 20 ga. steel housing seals to grid.
  • The housing and door are designed to fit either a standard or heavy extruded 2' x 4' ceiling grid opening.
  • Sealed housing and door frame allow relamping without contamination of the clean areas.


  • Abtech Teardrop light fixtures are ideal for use in laminar flow Cleanrooms.
  • Narrow airflow design minimizes turbulence.


Housing fabricated from 20 gauge steel.
Combines Cleanroom airflow with lighting.
All tested and in compliance with Federal standard 209D

  • The AL-240 Lay-In Light Fixture Series is compatible with either a 1", 1-1/2" or 2" T-Grid System. For a ceiling layout which requires a 2" heavy extruded T-Grid System, our AL-241 Lay-In Light Fixture Series is produced specifically for that design.
  • Our Laminar Flow Teardrop Light Fixture Series is exceptional for use in tight, narrow applications, and they are suitable for use in 2" T-Grid systems. The fixture’s 4 ft. length matches nominal grid length.
  • Abtech’s Flow-Thru Troffer Series helps add the element of HEPA filtered air to your lighting needs, combining two important Cleanroom components into one efficient unit.
  • If needed, we offer assistance to our customers in job layout by providing “Point-By-Point” Foot-Candle Levels for each room.
  • Please call us at Abtech, Inc. with any further questions about our product lines.