Pharma & Tech Industries Boost Cleanroom Projects

This Thomas Index Report is sponsored by Abtech, a leading manufacturer of modular cleanrooms, buildings, mezzanines, and equipment.

Hello again. This week we’re going to take a look at sourcing for Cleanrooms by users of the platform. Our data shows that over the past 12 weeks, sourcing activity for this category is up 69 percent over its historical average.

Our firmographic buyer data shows that three of the top industries driving this sourcing trend on our platform are Pharmaceuticals, Biotech Research, and Aerospace & Defense.

Cleanrooms are controlled environments designed to limit or eliminate exposure to contaminants such as dust, airborne microbes, chemical vapors, and aerosol particles. They’re used extensively in high-tech manufacturing and scientific research, and range widely in the acceptable levels of purity – from over 35 million microns of particulates per cubic meter in an ISO 9 classified room, down to just 35 microns per cubic meter in an ISO 3 classified cleanroom.

A quick rundown of a few huge projects recently completed or underway here in America shows that cleanrooms are big business. A manufacturer for the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries recently completed a $10-million dollar cleanroom project in Southampton, Pennsylvania. In Hampton, Virginia, a $96 million dollar Measurements Systems Lab with state-of-the-art cleanrooms is being built at NASA Langley Research Center. And in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, ground was recently broken on a $10-billion dollar campus with cleanrooms dedicated to manufacturing LCD screens for technologies ranging from self-driving cars and aircraft systems to healthcare and interactive retail applications.

In related categories, our data also shows that sourcing activity is up 38 percent or more, month-over-month, for Cleanroom Services, and Cleanroom Testing & Certification Services.